Sunpath Diagram

Sunpath Diagram

Degrees North Latitude
Intended Purpose

Due to supply chain issues large orders of diagrams may be backordered. Please contact us for details.

The sun-path diagrams are latitude and application specific and can be mixed and matched to meet your needs.

20 free diagrams are included with the purchase of any SolarPathfinder Unit

Buy 25 for $10, or 100 for $30.
(You can mix-and-match: e.g. 15 of one kind + 10 of another = $10 total.)

Price each: $1.00, 25: $10.00, 100: $30.00

Please note: With the SolarPathfinder software you can create shade reports around the world without the latitude specific sunpath diagrams. Simply take a picture with any standard digital camera of the SolarPathfinder unit at the site and import the picture into the software. The software will then digitally calculate the shading based upon the latitude and longitude you input into the software. View our software summary here:

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