Mission Statement

The SolarPathfinder Company is a corporation centered around family participation and committed to providing high-quality shade analysis tools to all customers world-wide. We are committed to treating all our customers with courtesy and professionalism as we believe that we should treat one another as we would like to be treated. Our goal of being proper stewards of God’s creation drives us to develop tools and to instruct others in renewable energies, proper energy use and conservation. These core principles are rooted in the biblical understanding that family, society, business, and the world we live in are ordained by God (Gen.1-3).

Our Foundation of Belief

The SolarPathfinder Company acknowledges the Bible to be God’s revelation to mankind. It is sufficient for understanding His order and for guidance in every aspect of life. God created the earth and universe with order. This measurable, consistent order allows us to predict the seasons and solar times, which is why SolarPathfinder works today. We, His creatures made in His image are given the privilege of cultivating dominion over all the earth.

Converting our Beliefs into Practice

Protecting the environment

As all energy on earth comes directly or indirectly from the sun, it is our most vital energy resource. Proper energy use and conservation are essential factors to good stewardship. However, “going green” is not the end of all things, just as “saving the planet” is not our ultimate goal — it is merely a means to an end. Our ultimate goal, as God’s creatures, is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.

The SolarPathfinder Unit is a prime example of an environmentally friendly tool. It requires no electricity or batteries to operate. The SolarPathfinder Assistant software adds a huge dimension to its flexibility. The only additional equipment necessary are things most people already own — a personal computer and a digital camera. Anytime one can avoid buying another “occasional-use, special-purpose electronic gadget”, they are engaged in an earth-friendly activity.

The SolarPathfinder is assembled in Linden, Tennessee of US components. The plastic housing is made of recycled plastic, injected at a local business.

SolarPathfinder embodies the ideal of living on this earth in a sustainable way. Being a small company, we strive to use our resources creatively. All families work from home; thus eliminating commuting and resulting in an ultra-light carbon footprint and an overall environmentally-friendly enterprise.

Providing Quality Customer Service

We believe that man is created in the image of God and therefore should be treated with dignity and respect. We apply this belief to our treatment of every individual who contacts The SolarPathfinder Company regardless of their personal, religious, or political views. When you contact us either by phone or email, we will work hard to provide a prompt response to your issue and handle the issue in a way that balances the position of the customer with that of the company.

Building our Employees

Our goal is simply to glorify God in our family principles, our societal influence, and our business practices. As a multigenerational, family-centered business, we strive to equip the next generation for business and for life. We consider owning and working for/with SolarPathfinder a privilege. We want to honor the Lord for His goodness and gifts He has given us by placing Him first in our lives. We have been called to pursue our work — with excellence — while sharing the love and truth of Christ.