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Please download the media request form, fill out info concerning images you desire to use, and return to Solar Pathfinder via email ( ) or fax 931.233.3392.

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Material for Advertising and Promotional Purposes

Solar Pathfinder Brochure

Media Request Form

Made in America

Camera shot of Pathfinder with reflection in high resolution file — cropped

Camera shot of Pathfinder with reflection — uncropped

View of Pathfinder in site analysis

Solar Pathfinder Unit with tripod

Solar Pathfinder Unit without tripod

Material for Classroom Instructional Training Purposes

SolarPathfinder picture to go with diagram tracing below

Diagram tracing for above SolarPathfinder picture

Diagram with labels

Instrument section with level and compass labels

Instrument section with white dot, triangle, magnetic declination tab labels

Base section with labels

US map with latitude regions

US map with magnetic declination regions