Ordering Problems

Are you having problems ordering on our site? We apologize for the problems you are experiencing, and offer these notes that may help. If they do not solve the issue you are having, please contact us.

I am getting an error on the Checkout page, when clicking Place Order.

Errors during checkout could be the result of an invalid card number, entering a billing address that does not match your address on file with your credit card bank, or insufficient funds.

Check your data and try to place the order again. If the checkout fails and you are positive the details are correct, we may be having a technical problem. The error message may confirm this. You may also wish to check with your credit card bank and make sure everything is okay.

Note that your card is not charged until you see the Receipt page for your order. (There may be authorizations on your card if you have tried unsuccessfully, but they will expire in a few days. We cannot expire them.)

My shopping cart is getting dumped whenever I add something to it.

The is most often due to "cookies" not be enabled in your web browser (Internet Explorer). An HTTP Cookie is a bit of data our site sends to your browser to help remember the items you want to purchase.

You need to enable first-party cookies if you want to have more than one item in your cart at a time. To check if your browser has cookies enabled, follow these instructions.

Cookies cannot get any data from your hard drive, get your email address, or steal sensitive information from you. Cookies sent from our site expire when you leave our site or after 20 minutes of no activity.

My cookies are on, but I'm still having problems with the cart getting dumped.

You may be running software that interferes with cookie usage. Some Internet filtering and blocking software packages filter cookies. If you are running software like this, then your computer may not receive or send cookies. This will cause our site to assume you are not accepting cookies. Try turning off any suspect filters if you feel comfortable doing so.

Another possibility is that your machine may be behind a firewall or proxy server that prevents cookie transmission. This is most likely in a corporate setting. Regardless of how your browser is set, cookies won't be accepted. In this case, you may wish to try ordering from home, or contact your network administrator for help.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us.